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Nuclear Research Center NEGEV -NRCN

  • In the end of 1959 work began on the NRCN.
  • The NRCN was part of the national policy to develop the Negev desert.
  • The IRR-2 reactor operates on the NRCN with nuclear fuel, heavy water cooled and moderated.
  • Periodic authorizations to operate the reactor are granted following extensive safety tests.
  • The research conducted at the NRCN is designed to broaden the basic knowledge in nuclear sciences and adjacent fields, and to provide the foundation for the practical and economic utilization of nuclear energy.
  • A national radioactive waste disposal site is situated at the NRCN. Radioactive waste from hospitals, research institutions, higher education facilities and factories is delivered to the site.
  • NRCN personnel are involved in the community, especially in the field of education, and maintain good connections with the local authorities around NRCN.